Paintings and Posts

From God's Heart
Trumpet at His Lips!
Father's Heart (1)
Father's Heart (2)
Morning Reflections
Morning Glory
Promise of Peace
Mountain, Move!
Promise of Hope
From His Heart to Yours
He Made Them All
All Creatures Great And Small
Cabin in the Woods
God is My Redeemer
Tough Times
Reflections of the Past
My Secret Place
Limitations of Life Within the Fish Tank
Lover and His Beloved
Look to the Light
The Cross
Prisoners of the Law
A Man of Sorrows
A Spirit of Lawlessness
I Chose You
No More Shame
The Lion of Judah Has Triumphed!
Fear of Deception
Are You Free to Rest in His Good Work?
The Naked Truth
Yes! The Lion of Judah Has Triumphed!
Legacy Art Classes
Finding My Rest
Woodland Wonders
The Music Maker
Broken Pieces of My Life
Islands of Power
Peeling Back the Layers
Going Through Deep Waters
Carry Me Forever
Another Place in Time
Such Gentleness
In the Palm of His Hand
A Priceless Pearl
God's Smile
Unbroken Fellowship
Sweet Fellowship
Hind's Feet
The Winter of My Life
Beauty for Ashes
Unfinished Business
A Burst of Sunshine
Too Busy
My Place of Sanctuary
Erasing Dark Shadows
Broken for Blessing
A Rich Heritage
Ordinary Pleasures
Down By the Old Mill Stream
Winter Wonderland
Yours Forever
A Leap of Faith
A Door of Hope
Oh, Jerusalem, Jerusalem...
A Spiritual Awakening
Your Harvest
The "Old" Has Disappeared...
He Loves Me...He Loves Me not...
Called to Be Free!
Becoming Like Children...
Turn Your World Upside Down
Jesus is My Shield
Wishes to Blow
Living Sacrifices!
Saddest Sabbath
Is Now the Proper Time?
My Children Come...
Choose Life!
You Hold Me
Sharing Heart Burdens
Did You Hear the Good News?
Brothers Are For Keeps!
Face to Face
The Storm Will Pass!
Under His Wings
Love is the Deciding Factor
The Love of My Life!
Born To Be Free!
I Will Lift The Veil
My Beloved Bride!
I'll Love You Forever!
Basking in the Light
Isalnds of "Grace" in a "Sea" of Works
New Beginnings
Transformation in Him
God's Garden
Be Harmless As Doves
Healer of Broken ♥♥
Soaring High
Rainbows of Color
Rainbow Dreams
Color Me Beautiful
The Depths of His Love
His Heart is Wide Open
Hearts After Him
Garden Sanctuary
God's Creation
He Will Provide
A Life-changing Encounter
Winter Reflections
New Every Morning
I AM Forever
Let's Celebrate Our King!
Resurrected from the Dead!
Coming to Rest
A Priceless Pearl (A Parable)
Bubbles of Joy!
Feathered Sunshine
Dream Big!
Gentle Creatures & Curious Friends
An Emerald Rainbow
Balance and Perspective
The Butterfly Dance
An Oasis in the Desert
Water Reflections
Desert in the Spring
Desert Blooms
Sunlight Breaking Through
Heart Flowers
Tulips for Her
In His Arms
Extravagant Love
A Bluebell Carpet
A Woodland Wonder
Fleeting Moments
Peeling Back the Layers
Travail of Tears
Restless Hearts
Mother's Day Poppies
Another World
God's Heart for the Nations
An Icon of Grace
A Sea of Broken Hearts
Here's My Heart
You're His First Love
I'll Carry You Through
You Are the Apple of His Eye
Fiery Splendor
Weeping Tears of Joy
God's Kaleidoscope
A God-shaped Hole
The Aroma of Grace
A New Perspective
Field of Dreams
Beauty Below the Surface
The Beauty Inside
A Shower of Joy
Swaying to the Music
Come Swim with Me
Garden Magic
Grace-filled Hearts
In His Garden
Bloom Where You're Planted
Hiding in the Shadows
Living in the Shadows
Life Without Filters
I AM Will Calm Your Sea
The Living Desert
Waves of His Love
Desert Splendor
Living Life in the Spirit
A Wave of Glory
In Your Dreams
Red Glow at Sunset
A Broken Heart
Life Beyond the Shadows
Parting the Veil
Feeling Blue
The Promised One
The Promised One 2
Basking in the Light
Growing Together in Love
Light Dispels Darkness
Sunset in the Mountains
A Beautiful Exchange
Together Forever
Stormy Seas
Blue Beauty
Winter Comes Softly
He's Coming With Clouds
Angels form the Realms of Glory
Soaring High Like Eagles
God's Grace
I'm Yours Forever
Grateful Hearts
Transformed By Grace
Light Shattering Darkness
We Love You, Lord!
Moving in the Spirit
A Beacon of Hope
Winter Beauty
He is Risen
A Floral Rainbow
Life in His Name
Pursue LOVE!
Flying Free
Christ Expresses His Life Through Us
When I am Lifted Up...