Saturday, January 21, 2012

Yours Forever!

By Hazel Holland

You lead us beside quiet waters.  You restore our souls. 
Psalm 23:2-3
Whenever You call my name, Lord, my heart leaps at the sound of Your voice.  I'm eager to follow Your lead now that I no longer want to go my own way.  

As You lead me beside still waters, You quiet my anxious thoughts.  You satisfy my hunger and quench my thirst from Your storehouse of endless delights.  Your arms pick me up when I'm wounded.  Your shoulders carry me when I've lost my way. 

But what changed my heart from the inside out was the day I accepted Your grace.  When You rescued my soul from certain death, You captured my heart with Your love!

(One of my favorite watercolors that my grandmother painted years ago of sheep grazing amongst purple heather on the Yorkshire moors.  It came back to life with the aid of my digital camera, and a little help from Microsoft Office Picture Manager to brighten the faded areas).