Sunday, January 27, 2008

My Secret Place

By Hazel Holland

This is a copy of my first oil painting. Because I enjoy flowers and meadows and mountain streams in the Springtime, I wanted to paint a picture that would be my own private getaway... a place that I could escape to when I needed to get away from the stress of life.

I would imagine myself sitting beside this mountain stream, listening to the babbling brook as I drank in the beauty of this Alpine meadow. But as much as I love nature, the beauty of God's creation only brought momentary relief from the cares of life. It didn't bring lasting peace to my weary soul.

Then I discovered Someone who could quiet my restless spirit and calm my troubled soul. I could go to Him with all my stresses and problems and He always welcomed me with open arms. Being in His presence I found rest from the cares of life... I discovered the secret places of His heart for me, His beloved child. He has become my Hiding Place, my Safe Getaway that I can go to at anytime. He's always inviting me to come walk with Him in His green pastures and rest beside His still waters so that He can refresh my soul and free my spirit. Now all I want to do is love and worship Him!


  1. THIS PAINTING IS REALLY REALLY REALLY REALLY GOOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Again, my mouth dropped when I saw it.


    The things God has shown you, the love he has filled you with, the joy, the peace, the hope -- put it in your paintings so the world can see more of Him.

    You are the aroma of Christ!! don't keep your aroma to yourself.. let it fill up the room like the fragrance of flowers, your favorite.

    I love u so much. :)

    Thank you for being vulnerable with your paintings. It's a blessing that goes straight to the heart.

    Do it ducky. :) Go bless this world!

  2. Thank you Leila for your loving support...I am very moved by your comments..."You are the aroma of Christ..." For so much of my life I have hidden myself and my art in a backroom closet...afraid to share for fear people wouldn't like the aroma of His presence on me... Then I suddenly rememberd a vision I had of the Spirit blowing in through my open window and wafting from room to room throughout my house... I could smell the aroma of His Presence...It was like the most fragrant flowers... filling the whole house. Perhaps the Lord has more to say about that to me all of us...

    Love you the mostest:-)

  3. Hazel, this painting is beautiful. I can't explain it, but visually it draws you into the beautiful green forest -- at least that's where I'm drawn.

    Maybe it is as if the cool freshness of the water leads you to the green freshness of the evergreens behind it... maybe like you come up out of baptism and then He draws you into the trees like in a Song of Songs?

    Or maybe like Hosea 14:8.

    Anyway, it's really nice and I'm still marveling at how it draws me into the trees.

    By the way, maybe there's more OIL painting for you in your future?

  4. Ramone, I appreciated your comments about the trees...esp. the quote from Hosea that I have rec'd before. God is like a green pine tree... our fruitfulness comes from Him...when we put our roots down deep into Him...we grow into his pine trees... always mindful that our beauty is as a result of our connection to Him.

    Oil painting in the future? Yes, I guess I'm receiving a nudge from Him on that!

    In Him,