Saturday, August 13, 2011

Legacy Art Classes

By Hazel Holland

A number of years ago I was assigned to teach art classes in an elementary school in order to determine what kind of impact creative expression might have on the academic lives of the students. By providing a safe and caring outlet for self-expression, children of various ages were able to not only access their creativity, but also able to slowly work through academic and behavioral problems, along with difficult issues in their personal lives.

The grades of failing students began to improve. Students with behavior problems became more able to control their emotions. As the student’s sense of well-being improved they began treating one another with more respect and kindness, making the classroom a more peaceful place.

Legacy Art

After seeing the positive impact that my art classes had on the lives of children, I decided to make a difference in the lives of the elderly population in nursing homes and assisted living facilities by providing them with an opportunity to express themselves creatively.

Legacy Art provides a nurturing and supportive environment for artistic self-expression that helps give seniors a renewed sense of well-being as they participate in the life-affirming pleasures of creating art from the heart.

Legacy Art will help seniors use their imagination to visually express their inner and outer world of feelings, thoughts, and ideas. Seniors may not realize it, but they have many valuable lessons to teach us from the “school of life”.

Families will treasure the legacy that their elderly loved one creates. Hopefully their art work will become a keepsake that will be worth more than a thousand words!

A Legacy Art instructor will come to your place of residence and provide weekly art instruction. Specific activities offered are water color painting, colored tissue paper painting (great for greeting cards), drawing with various mediums, plus a number of seasonal ideas & projects for creative seniors.

Contact Hazel at or call (951) 505-0104 to set up a date and time for Legacy Art Classes where seniors will enjoy creating memories from their heart. Families will treasure the legacy their elderly loved ones create. Hopefully their art work will become a keepsake that will be worth more than a thousand words!