Order Art Prints

Prints of all my paintings are now available for purchase at: Hazel Holland Fine Art.

After clicking on this link, scroll down the page to the listed "Galleries" at the bottom of the page, and click on the one that will take you to artwork under that category.  Once you find the art print you want to check out, click on it, and you will be taken to the sizes it comes in, along with the prices, etc.

For instance, I clicked on the gallery named, "Mixed Media", and then clicked on "A Priceless Pearl" here to enlarge the image and read the poem!   

If you have any other questions or would like to purchase an art print of  "A Priceless Pearl" or any other art print, please email me at:  hazelholland@gmail.com before you order from my website to see if I can give you a better deal in the following art print sizes and prices.  

* print size 
* quantity 
* postal mailing address

PRINT SIZES AND PRICES  (shipping and handling fee included) 
5" x 7"   print (with no mat$18.00
5" x 7"   print (with mat) =  $28.00
8" x 10" print (with no mat) =  $20.00
*  8" x 10" print (with mat)$30.00
*  8" x 10" print (with mat and frame) =  $60.00
* 11" x 14" print (with no mat) $25.00 
* 11" x 14" print (with mat) =  $35.00  
16" x 20" print (with no mat)$30.00
* 16" x 20" print (with mat) =  $40.00
I can also get prints made in sizes not listed here.  Since they require odd frame sizes that will have to be custom made I thought it best to not include them here.

All prints are in matte finish (unless you ask for glossy). Prints with no mat will be mailed in a tube, but prints with a mat/frame will be mailed in an appropriate box. Bulk discounts are available and prices are possibly negotiable.  So please feel free to ask!

PayPal  - Please email me for my information. 

For further details click here.