Sunday, June 22, 2014

Pursue LOVE!

By Hazel Holland

After creating this impressionistic watercolor of beautiful plants from a larger painting of mine, I feel like these vivid colors are speaking to our hearts about the importance of faith, hope, and love.  They remind us that 1 Corinthians 13 tells us that the greatest of these fruits of the Spirit is love!  So pursue LOVE!♥

To see a larger copy of this painting or purchase a print, please click here.

Life in His Name

By Hazel Holland

As I began reading chapter 20 of the book of John the other morning, the Spirit began to minister to my heart in a marvelous way.  I was feeling physically and emotionally overwhelmed by the responsibilities of life.  I felt like I had no energy left to face another day.  I needed my Spirit to be restored.  I needed new life to be pumped into my veins...

All of a sudden Jesus began speaking to my heart through the Spirit as I read John 20...  "You may cling to me now My child, because I have already ascended to My Father and your Father.  I have already ascended to My God and Your God.  I give you My peace, My child! As the Father sent Me, I am also sending you... 

"You've already received the Holy Spirit...  So don't be unbelieving, because you feel drained and tired, but believe!  I am speaking these words to you now so that you may believe that I am the Christ, the Son of God, and that believing you may have life in My name!"

My face was bathed in sweet tears of relief as I felt the overwhelming presence of God envelop me like a warm blanket.  Suddenly I remembered this impressionistic watercolor painting of a bird I had created recently, and it seemed to be the perfect picture to describe how His resurrection life began to pump through my tired veins bringing joy and anticipation!  I could face this new day because I have life in His name!♥

To see a larger copy of this painting, or purchase a print, please click here.