Sunday, February 17, 2008

Look to the Light

By Hazel Holland

I wrote this poem after receiving the Vision of the Trees.  Then last night I did this pastel to illustrate the last tree in the vision that didn't draw attention to itself...

You stand so stately, tall and green.
The most perfect tree I've ever seen.
How your lights sparkle and make you glow.
They're clear as crystal—you steal the show.

At first you stood erect, alone.
Now another tree comes to take your throne.
Blue light’s flicker where they've been placed.
On every branch so perfectly spaced.

Sadly I watch your beauty fade
Just like the sparkle the other pine made.
Now another tree glitters where you once stood.
Its multicolored lights for a moment look good.

Then suddenly you vanish before my eyes
And in your place to my surprise
Is a forest of trees, shimmering, bright
Like silent sentinels guarding the night.

All of a sudden a string of lights appear
To circle the forest in a shackle of fear.
Again and again the cord wraps around
Until the forest is nowhere to be found.

Again the scene changes its wintry face
As a fir displays its beauty and grace.
The soft rays of Light make everything new
As each branch glistens like morning dew.
Now rainbow colors rest on each needle.
Its glory surpasses a mighty cathedral.

Then I heard His voice so gently say,
"Look to the Light while it is still day.
Don't make your own light when you can't see.
I am your Light; look up, It is Me!
Even when you walk through the darkest night,
Trust in My love, walk by faith, not by sight."

"Forgive us dear Lord for what we have done.
We repent of our pride, we submit to Your Son.
Break the chords of our bondage--we will be free.
Bring us back from captivity.
We renounce our light, and receive Your fire.
You are our Light,our heart's desire."

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