Thursday, February 14, 2008

Lover & His Beloved

By Hazel Holland

I painted this water color yesterday. Actually it was early this morning after I had posted "His Beloved Daughter" on my other blog.  I didn't realize it was in the early hours of Valentine's Day when I painted it! I believe the Lord wants to share His heart with us through this painting... In spite of the darkness seen in her heart, the Beloved is offering her heart just as it is to her Lover knowing that His blood covers her sins completely...

This picture came as a result of writing the post, “His Beloved Daughter”, that reveals my past struggles to love and accept myself, and finally discover who I was in Christ. I wanted to illustrate my brokenness and His willingness to receive and love me just as I was/am. Here are a few of my thoughts…

A friend pointed out the striking similarity between this painting and the Father's Broken Heart that I had done earlier. As I was painting this picture I noticed the similarity, too, and I wanted to make it different, but I couldn’t as much as I tried. I don’t believe this is a coincidence, because God was compelling me to paint it as He brought His heart on me to do it.

When I began to paint I had no idea what I was doing. All I knew was that I wanted to hold up my hands and offer Him my heart just as it was... Then as I prayed the Spirit impressed me to paint Jesus looking down on me from the cross with His blood falling upon me. As I began to do this I recognized I had portrayed my heart as I wanted others to see me--not how He saw me. I had painted my heart all red with no darkness inside. I had covered up my broken and imperfect heart so that it would look like an acceptable offering to Him. But that is not what He wants! The Father’s heart was broken for us by the sacrifice of His Son. He accepts willing and contrite hearts. He wants us just as we are so that he can change us into His image...

Then, Like Peter, I wanted Him to wash all of me, not just my “feet”, so I began to paint His blood running down my hands and arms symbolizing my need to be totally covered by His sacrifice for me. But I believe the Lord would say to us, “When you offer Me your broken and contrite hearts, you are totally covered by my blood! There’s nothing more that you can do, because it already has been done by Me! Rest, my Beloved, in the knowledge that I AM your Lover! I accept you and adore you just as you are! And I will change you from glory to glory…”

The rainbow above Jesus symbolizes the truth that He is the Promise Keeper! He will fulfill His promises to us because we are Beloved—His Bride.

I know at times in my life when I have reached out to God He has felt so far away. We have all experienced that at times. But the truth is, because He has already given us His Spirit to live in us, He is nearer than the breath we breathe. I wanted to convey the truth that He is near--not some distant God, but very close to us. He is God with us—Emmanuel!

As we lift up our hands in intercession, bringing Him the hearts of His beloved and hurting children, He will not fail to keep His promises to us. His arms are outstretched, reaching out to embrace and receive this world’s hurting sons and daughters… He is calling us to bring them to Him just as they are, and allow Him to perform the miracle of His transforming love upon their broken and imperfect hearts.

* A larger copy of this painting can bee seen here.  


  1. My reaction: *gasp* HOLY COW!

    It's so beautiful. So powerful and it pierces the heart.

    Happy love day to you.
    I love u ducky do

  2. Hi Hazel,

    This is beautiful! The colors are very interesting! I can't wait for the rest of the interpretation behind it... already what you have shared is deep and is His heart!

    The similarity between this and the "Father's Broken Heart" is striking, don't you think? That can't be coincidence! Maybe it means His broken heart is soothed and filled when we offer Him our broken and imperfect hearts---because that is what His heart was broken for by the sacrifice of His Son?

  3. By the way, I think people would wear this as a T-shirt if you ever made it into one! (^_^)