Thursday, May 3, 2012

Did You Hear the Good News?

By Hazel Holland

"Did you hear the good news?"

"Yes, I heard that our sins have been whitewashed by His blood!  What did you both hear?"

"I heard that our sins are white like this snow!"

"Well, I heard that He's given us new hearts so we can love each other!" 

"That's easy.  We're already friends!"

"No! Now it's a different kind of love..."

"How's that?"

"Our new hearts will love each other like He loves us!"

"Well, how does this new kind of love work?"

"It's different from the old way."


"Our new hearts are made big enough to love even our enemies!"

"Wow!  That's some kind of new heart He's given us!"

"Yes, it's His love He puts in us!"

"So how should we go about showing this new love to our enemies?"

"He'll show us how to love them!  You'll see!"

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