Friday, October 18, 2013

Light Dispels Darkness

By Hazel Holland

I felt led today to create this impressionistic watercolor for the express purpose of sharing a visual image of how light dispels darkness.  The beautiful faces of these irises only seem to glow and shine brighter because of the darkness behind them.  It's the same way in the spiritual realm.

Jesus told us that we would experience trials and tribulations of many kinds, and that His kingdom of Light would co-exist with the kingdom of darkness, but the darkness would not overcome it.  Instead, His kingdom of love would spread to the uttermost parts of the earth... in spite of the many stumbling blocks that would seek to overthrow and destroy it.

So even when darkness at times appears inside the church as well-meaning Christians seek affirmation for the righteousness of their own ways instead of His way, our lives must continue to be a testimony of God's grace and forgiveness as we remember that light will ultimately dispel all darkness.  The aroma of grace will always overcome the darkness around it because darkness cannot remain in the presence of Light.♥

To see a larger copy of this artwork click here.

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