Saturday, November 19, 2011

Unbroken Fellowship

By Hazel Holland

Many years ago now I did a number of oil paintings on shells that I had picked up one afternoon during a stroll along Pismo Beach. I decided that these plain and ordinary looking shells could become quite extraordinary if I painted some heart-warming scenes on them and brought them to life. This one was my first try.

I know at times during our lives we may feel plain and ordinary, and perhaps even like a shell of what we use to be, but does God see us this way? Because we are His beloved children, God desires to leave His footprints on our hearts forever... heart-warming scenes that portray His mercy and grace so that we will come to know His heart of agape love for us.

God is so amazing and extraordinary because He created us in His image even though He knew that sin would mar His image in us. That's because He also new that our acceptance of Jesus Christ's sacrifice for us would bring healing and restoration to the broken fellowship that sin created.

Since our hearts have now been reconciled to Him because of the cross, we have been brought back to life through the Spirit. Now we can enjoy heart-warming and unbroken fellowship with Him forever.

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