Tuesday, November 15, 2011

A Priceless Pearl

By Hazel Holland

(I painted this oil about 27 years ago, and then wrote this parable about 20 years ago as I was beginning to get a deeper understanding of the agape love that was in the heart of the Father for you and me.)

One day the Great Pearl Merchant was walking among the rock pools of His universe. He was searching for fine pearls and He knew just where to look—in the most remote places where no one else would venture to go.

One day as He was gazing into the limpid waters He discovered me, tucked away under a large rock hidden from view. Carefully He reached down, picked me up and opened up my rough exterior. I saw Him kneeling there admiring my worth and beauty. The light that came from Him made me glow and sparkle. I had never seen myself before as I really was, because I had always been in the darkness of my prison. But now I saw another world of much light.

He gently laid me down in a safe place and told me He would return. Now I had time to reflect… If He hadn't opened me up I would never have known the truth about myself. I would never have known who I really was. I didn't know that I was a beautiful pearl, because all I had ever experienced was the dark, locked shell, and the constant irritation of fighting against whatever it was that made me feel uncomfortable. But He had seen past my ugly outer defenses.

Soon the Great Pearl Merchant returned from His Kingdom. He had sold all His possessions—everything He owned to purchase me. He kneeled down and lovingly held me in the palm of His hand. I was the Pearl of Great Price that He had been looking for. I was worth everything to Him.

I was so happy to be out of my darkness that I just lay there in His hand, content to reflect His light. I wondered… if I hadn't gone through the constant knocks and irritations of life in the shell, would I be this beautiful pearl that He wanted so much to be with Him forever?

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