Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Winter Wonderland

By Hazel Holland

I would much rather look at snow scenes from the comfort of a warm house or a warm car than from actually being out in the snow and feeling the cold.  I remember when I painted this watercolor years ago I could see the snow on the distant mountains, but I didn't have to crunch through it to get to my car.  But that is soon going to change.

I just came home from spending a wonderful Christmas with my family where the winters are cold and snow isn't just reserved for the mountains.  So next winter I will have to get use to leaving the comfort of my warm home and crunching through snow to warm up my cold car. 

This will be a big adjustment.  It's been 37 years since I left the cold winters of Ohio and moved to California, and even more since I left Michigan and England.  But the four seasons will be a welcome change even though I don't relish the cold winters...

I will enjoy watching new plants push their way through melting snow as they offer their natural beauty to Springtime. The less humid summers with two-digit temperatures is another reason to make this move.  The vibrant fall colors won't just be in the mountains, but along the streets, and hopefully in my own back yard.

By the time winter comes around again I hope I will be ready to embrace the snow that can make winter a wonderland! 

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