Friday, April 26, 2013

In His Arms

By Hazel Holland

I did this chalk pastel of Ebbie last June as a way of dealing with my sadness as I let go of the last of my beloved pets that I needed to find homes for before moving out of state.   I got the idea from my friend, Ramone, to create a picture of placing Ebbie in God's hands before I gave her up for adoption.

Several weeks later the Humane Society called to tell me that a nice lady had come into their facility and adopted Ebbie, along with another kitty!  I praised God for His timing and for keeping His promise to provide loving homes for each one of my beloved pets.

If God so cares for the animals that he created, and especially the pets who mean so much to us, how much more does He care for us... His beloved children whom He has adopted into His family forever!

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