Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Be Harmless As Doves ♥

By Hazel Holland

While I was painting this watercolor today I was reminded of the Scripture where Jesus tells us to "be as wise as serpents and harmless as doves." So how can we be "as harmless as doves" in the way we relate to one another? 

You probably have a picture in your head, just as I do, of how Jesus related to those who knew they were sinners.  He never talked down to them.  He never spoke critically to them about their behavior or shamed them in front of their friends.  He never judged them even when He spoke truth.  He always had a gentle spirit towards them because He knew their hearts.

But I think quite a different picture comes to mind when we remember how Jesus was often cornered by the self-righteous Pharisees.  They couldn't stand the way He loved sinners.  It made them want to set traps for Jesus.  They wanted to harm His reputation because they were jealous of the way the crowds followed Jesus instead of them.

Scripture reveals how Jesus was "wise as a serpent" when He dealt with the treachery of these religious leaders, but "harmless as a dove" when He talked to sinners.  He knew the hearts of the self-righteous were closed to His love, but not the sinners who followed Him... 

So let our words be kind and gentle and filled with the love of God.  And let our spirits be as harmless as doves.

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  1. We must be hearing from the same Spirit. Great painting!
    The Jesus That Hates


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  3. Just saw your comment. Glad you liked the painting! I just finished writing a short post about it. Now I will check out your recent post...