Thursday, January 10, 2013

New Beginnings

By Hazel Holland

It's been years since I showed children in the classroom how to paint using colored tissue paper.  So I thought I'd try some tissue paper art today because the ladies in one of my my art classes wanted to know how to do it.  After I used the wet tissue paper to lay down the main colors, I used water soluble wax pastels to outline and fill in some of the details .

You may wonder why I chose butterflies and flowers as my subject matter in the middle of winter.  I guess because I'm already looking forward to the spring...even though it's still many months away.  

Although I enjoy waking up in the morning to find another layer of snow making everything white, I still remember how beautiful green grass is.  I look forward to spring flowers and butterflies.  I look forward to these new beginnings.  But for right now I'll bloom where I'm planted.

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