Saturday, January 18, 2014

Transformed By Grace

By Hazel Holland

I created this impressionistic/abstract watercolor of a butterfly using colored artist's tissue paper, water soluble wax crayons and watercolor pencils.  The palette of colors came from my imagination as I saw these beautiful colors begin to take shape. 

To me the butterfly is one of God's special little winged creatures because it goes through such a difficult process before it can spread it wings and become all that God designed it to be...

To me it's amazing that a caterpillar that crawls around on the ground can be transformed into a beautiful butterfly that no longer crawls but flies...  But the process of transformation is not an easy one...

The restricting cocoon and the struggle required for the butterfly to get out of it is God's way of strengthening the butterfly's wings.  He is making them ready for flight once the butterfly achieves its freedom from the cocoon. 

The butterfly's struggle to emerge from the cocoon is exactly what is needed for it to become the creature God designed it to be.  It's destiny was never to remain a caterpillar, but to be transformed into a healthy and beautiful butterfly. 

Sometimes struggles are exactly what we need in life, too.  They make us strong.  If God allowed us to go through life without any obstacles to overcome, we would become weak and crippled.  We would never be able to fly!

So God allows difficulties to cross our path because they provide opportunities for us to grow.  He knows that we will emerge from our struggles to get out of the "cocoon" far wiser, and with a courage born out of pain.  His purpose for us is to live life the way He designed... in freedom... NOT in captivity! 

Our destiny in Him is to be transformed into His image by His grace.♥

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