Monday, April 2, 2012

Living Sacrifices!

By Hazel Holland

When I read Ramone's "Hosanna" post I was reminded of the chalk drawing I did many years ago for a church Easter pageant.  Suddenly I saw that I could draw children waving palm branches and place them in front of the Jerusalem backdrop...

Can you identify with these children who were being told to hush up and keep their hosannas under control as they passed by the temple?  After all...their loud praises might disturb the worshipers inside...

It's the same way today when people get hit with a "spirit of laughter" inside the "temple"?  Usually it's not understood by the people worshiping, and is seen as disruptive and unacceptable behavior in a corporate church setting.

Incidentally, the "laughter" I'm talking about is His joy that bubbles up inside of us at times as a result of embracing the new covenant gospel. His joy cannot be contained because it's coming forth from the Spirit in us who wants others to know that His well of joy is available to them, too.

We need to come and drink at His well of Living Water often so that we can be refreshed and filled to overflowing.  Then we will understand why His joy and laughter are impossible to hold back.  If we don't praise Him, the stones will begin to cry out!

Remember how Jesus told us that we must become trusting and child-like if we want to enter His Kingdom?  Revelation 7:9 gives us a beautiful picture of God's children holding palm branches as they praise their King in His Kingdom for all eternity! 

Yes, I believe God desires to interrupt the way we do church.  He wants us to be free like children so that we can worship Him in Spirit and in Truth.  Our bodies are the palm branches... living sacrifices that are acceptable to Him!
See: Hosanna  

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