Saturday, August 17, 2013

Bloom Where You're Planted

By Hazel Holland

I decided to try my hand at a new technique in painting yesterday.  First, I did a background of different colors with wet crumpled up colored tissue paper.  Then when it was dry I used soft pastels to create these impressionistic flowers.  However, I'm not so sure I'll try this technique again because the pastels were very hard to work with on watercolor paper...  And my hands got very stained from the wet tissue paper and soft pastels.

Although I tried my hand at a new technique in painting yesterday, today as I looked at this painting it reminded me that there are no new techniques to blooming.  We can only bloom as we bask in the sunshine of God's love.  Without His love we cannot grow and become who God created us to be... a sweet smelling savor that will attract the light of His presence in our lives.

But as we bloom in the place that God designed for us to be planted, we will be a blessing in the lives of those around us.  And all who pass by our way will recognize the sweet scent of His grace.♥ 

To see a larger copy of this artwork click here.

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