Tuesday, May 14, 2013

The Depths of the Sea

By Hazel Holland

Seems like Jesus told us that all our sins 
have been cast into the depths of the sea? 
Micah 7:19

You've probably noticed that this impressionistic watercolor has been taken from the larger painting that I posted earlier.   Sometimes I'm moved by the Spirit with more than one idea for a finished painting.  When that happens I often see two possible paintings in one picture.  It's not something I plan.  It just happens.

I sense in the Spirit that God wants to speak a message of hope to someone's heart.  God has forgiven you for all your sins and holds nothing against you, because Jesus died in your place... once and for all.  Let His goodness work the gift of repentance in your heart so that you can be free to receive His agape love for yourself and find your rest in Him alone.

To see a larger copy of this art print click here

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